HUMAN Cropped Tee

HUMAN Cropped Tee


Our “PROUD HUMANS COLLECTION” represents the undeniable strength, courage and defiance of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re gay, straight, trans or unicorn you can wear this shirt with pride - regardless of how you identify. These are the interim battle scars of strength for all those in our community that cannot speak out. Marsanne Brands loves you, for being your best human self.

Hand painted HUMAN cropped tee in celebration of pride and gender fluidity. MARSANNE BRANDS signature graffiti style. MARSANNE logo detail. This shirt has safety pins and rips. Please note that their may be artistic variation since every shirt is hand painted, hand dyed, and made to order (e.g. color variation, motif shape).


  • Made to order

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This product has been hand-embroidered and hand-dyed. Please handle with care and review our shop policy before purchasing.